Breach hands out free keys to existing players to give to friends


Depending on who you talk to, the folks behind Breach are either feeling extremely generous, are nearing a full free-to-play launch, or are trying to pad population numbers because waiting in queues for others to play a game sucks. Regardless of the reason, the fact remains that existing players of the multiplayer dungeon shooter thing are getting four keys each to hand to their friends.

The keys in question are being offered for both Steam and the En Masse Launcher but are platform specific, presumably located either in one’s Steam Inventory for the Steam version or through email for the En Masse Launcher version.

This fresh round of key flinging comes after another promotion that ran this past weekend which offered free and full access to the game for anyone who logged in to the En Masse Launcher between the 22nd and the 25th of February.

It is worth noting that the game’s player count on Steam is hitting another valley at the time of this writing, with a total peak of 257 players since the last 30 days. This, of course, does come with the asterisk of data pulled only from Steam and not from the En Masse Launcher, so ideally it’s not quite as dire as one would assume. Still, it’s hard to ignore those current 400 pound gorillas.

sources: breach twitter, en masse twitter, steam charts, thanks Hikari!

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Sarah Bano

Here 4 codes if anyone wants it.

Here is how you can redeem your codes:

Download and install the EME Launcher. If you don’t have it already installed, you can get it here.
Click the Breach icon in the Launcher.
Click the “Link Account” button to link to your QC Games account or to create a new QC games account if you do not already have one.
Click the “Redeem EME Code” link in the options menu to enter your code.



Breach is a great ARPG but badly needs twice the offered content.


Too soon! There isn’t enough content yet. People are going to walk away too quickly IMHO.


I have already. It is among a handful of other indie ‘online multiplayer’ games that have been cold shelved due to population inactivity and a general sense of “seen it all, done it all, bored”. It cannot really get that addictive nature that Overwatch has, or TF2 had before that, or Paladins. …really it’s the factor that the multiplayer PvE -which is essentially all it is- is dull.

Jack Kerras

It’s odd, the thing seems purpose-built to use generated rather than static content, and it just… doesn’t.

Also, I’m not sure 4v1 has ever worked. Evolve fell over, Fable Legends didn’t even make it out of beta… it’s weird that folks keep trying.

I kinda wish they’d just go hard on their PvE thing, polish it up real good, and have leaderboards? I dunno. I really enjoy the way their ‘level several characters of the Tech class and mix-n-match their skills’ schtick works.

Dug From The Earth

Games with no depth, lack of polish, and a buy in cost = games without many players.

If they are doing this already, there isnt a lot of hope for this game.

Jeremy Barnes

Not surprised. This game’s population seemed to die quick in game


I enjoy the game but there’s a lack of content. They just added the 4th dungeon, can only run the same content over and over. I will go back when they add more.


When I ran around in the lobby area I uninstalled right away….so dull and drab …I got so many other better games to spend time on.

Loyal Patron
John Buczek

Same here. I actually really like the game play but there needs to be more of it.