Conan Exiles gets a free weekend starting on March 7

Conaaaaaah the borebarian

It’s perfectly valid for players to want a try at a game before being willing to commit to purchasing and playing. We understand that. This is why it’s ultimately a good thing that Conan Exiles is hosting a free weekend on March 7th to March 11th via Steam, meaning that anyone with even a spec of curiosity about the game (and a free weekend) can install the game and try it out freely.

The announcement itself also states that the team is hard at work rolling out patches and improvements before the free weekend starts up, although details are not included. This is significant as the game is dealing with a major patch that keeps getting nudged down the timeline, so perhaps this will finally mark the inclusion of the patch that has now been delayed repeatedly. Or it’ll just get rolled down again with an apology about not quite getting the patch out before the free event.

Source: Twitter
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Bruno Brito



The free weekend *is* probably the reason they didn’t roll out the patch by now. At least it would make some sense to me.

Hikari Kenzaki

Naw, the patch has a bug that they keep fixing, but keeps reappearing on the test server. That’s why it keeps getting delayed.

Kickstarter Donor

Cool, Im in!

Oleg Chebeneev

Finally gonna try it


That is interesting, if I find the time at least