Latest World of Warcraft PvP balance adjustment targets Restoration Druids

Let bygones be bygones.

Some more PvP tuning adjustments have been made in World of Warcraft, but this time around, it’s a laser-guided nerf targeting the Druid class. According to the forum post from Community Manager Kaivax, “since [the] PvP mana changes to healers and Restoration Druids” that were made earlier this month, “Lifebloom, as a source of healing, has become too efficient.”

To try to bring Druids into line with other healers in PvP, the devs have dished out a pretty significant nerf to the Focused Growth PvP talent. Whereas Focused Growth previously granted a 20% reduction to Lifebloom’s mana cost in addition to a 20% increase to its healing per stack of Focused Growth, both of those bonuses have now been sharply reduced to 8%.

The devs acknowledge the severity of the nerf but seem confident that it won’t cripple the class as a whole: “While the reduction to Focused Growth’s increased healing and mana cost savings is a sizeable change, Restoration Druids have a wide variety of well-performing PvP talent options to fit in its place,” the post reads.

In addition, the devs also found that the Bonded Souls Azerite power “has been providing too much healing in an arena environment when multiple members of a team equip the trait.” As such, the healing from Bonded Souls has been reduced by 85% when engaged in combat with enemy players, a significant increase from the previous 50% reduction.

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