Lineage II Classic releases the patch notes for the Saviors update

A straight line.

It’s time forĀ Lineage II Classic players to be saviors because… well, the Savior update has arrived. And everyone with a character over level 20 is automatically getting the promotional Savior Pack due to technical issues with registering for said packs, which probably designates everyone as a savior. So go save something! With a third class upgrade, even.

Yes, every single one of the many classes in the classic version of the game will indeed be getting a third class upgrade, complete with new skills and improvements to make this upgrade even more potent. There’s also the new A-grade for equipment, including 25 new A-grade weapons available with the update alongside four new A-grade armors per armor class. Add in the new rune system and players will have all of the power needed to be a proper savior, possibly in the new hunting zones added with the update. (That’s arguably not really saving anyone, but let’s not quibble.)


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