Riders of Icarus patches in a new dungeon and related content

Sure, this is above the ground, but you get the general idea, right?

You know who’s a total jerk in Riders of Icarus? Hadakhan, probably. The guy has a whole underground labyrinth! How many underground labyrinths do you have? What sort of person has an underground labyrinth? Clearly, the only thing to do is to go into that underground labyrinth and go take all of the stuff you can lay your hands on. So it’s a good thing that the game’s latest patch is all about raiding the heck out of that labyrinth.

If you hadn’t gotten the idea yet, the patch adds Hadakhan’s Underground Labyrinth as a new dungeon, complete with new loot and several new quests leading you into the aforementioned dungeon. Players can also take advantage of the the Icarus Day buffs running through March 13th, offering a 100% increase in experience, a 50% increase in money, and a 10% buff to both fishing and catching. It’s nice enough that you won’t be tempted to squawk about how this is more like an Icarus Two Weeks.


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