Yes, Virginia, a Stardew Valley esports scene exists


I am probably one of the few members of the MOP staff who actually enjoys esports, but even I had to do a kitty squint at this one. Stardew Valley, the generally chill and non-competitive 16-bit farming and life sim game, has an esports scene.

More specifically, the game was featured in a broadcast that aired this past Tuesday, February 26th, as part of the Twitch Rivals series of events. The competition commemorated the third anniversary of the game’s PC release, and featured ten teams of four competing to clear a number of challenges such as completing the most bundles or banking the most gold over the length of a six hour competition. And yes, there was even a prize pool up for grabs of $35,000.

In other related Stardew Valley news, the game has finally gotten a launch date for Android devices of Thursday, March 14th. The mobile versions of the game, however, do not feature multiplayer currently, so there’s no way to refine your fledgling Stardew esports team’s hot strats on the go yet. Unless you own a Nintendo Switch, of course.

The Twitch Rivals event is a baffling yet remarkable thing to bear witness to, which you can in the embed below. Assuming you’ve around seven hours to yourself, anyway.

Source: Polygon, Engadget
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