Anthem unveils loot changes to improve gearing

I want noisemakers.

If you missed it earlier, our first impression of Anthem is that it’s a good game underneath serious issues and a lack of content; addressing those issues is a good thing. One of those issues is how the game’s loot works, and lo and behold, it turns out the game’s loot is being notably improved. The changes will make Masterwork gear easier to obtain and unwanted items far less common, with green and white items no longer among the level 30 drop tables and all modifications on a given item being useful with that item. (No more bonus to pistol damage that only affects an assault rifle, for example.)

Of course, this doesn’t address the aforementioned lack of content, which is highlighted by the fact that finishing the game’s current highest challenge awards the player with basically nothing. Players are understandably disappointed that the end of the journey just means there’s no more journeying to be done, although some are speculating that this is a current placeholder rather than a permanent state of affairs.

Source: Reddit (1, 2)
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