EVE Online lays out a roadmap for war declaration changes and teases 64-bit client

If you can't stand up, you can't do war.

The first pass of changes has already been made for EVE Online’s war declaration system, and the current results have been positive thus far according to the most recent development update. Wars are being abused less and players are more encouraged to participate directly. However, the changes from December were only the start of the process, and the next patch planned for March is aimed at closing a couple of persistent loopholes.

For example, there’s been a trick of rendering a war invalid, deploying a structure, and then taking advantage of the 24-hour waiting period to ensure that the structure cannot be attacked during a forced ceasefire; the change will allow an immediate re-declaration of war that bypasses the usual cooldown period. A loophole regarding swapping from attacker to defender will also be closed to prevent a change in the state of aggression, as well as another loophole making a corporation immune to declarations until maintenance. From there on out, the game will be removing neutral assistance in April and making even wider changes in May.

Meanwhile, CCP says it’s still working on the 64-bit client – yes, it will be the end of support for the 32-bit client and a change in system requirements for the game.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Panagiotis for the tip!
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