Fallout 76’s new brewing and distilling skills will let you host the ultimate video game kegger


Bethsoft’s first big post about Fallout 76’s journey down its 2019 roadmap begins where all posts should begin: with beer. Not kidding. It’s about brewing and distilling skills, which I frankly didn’t realize was something Fallout 76 players were agitating for (but we are here for it!).

“Your path to a becoming the Wasteland’s premiere bartender will begin near Vault-Tec University,” the studio says. “There you will relive the glory days of VTU’s finest and discover the mischief they got up to outside of the classroom. Your continued studies will lead you to a notorious speakeasy, introduce you to Biv—Appalachia’s tipsiest robot, and teach you to craft the illicit Nukashine using the all-new Brewing Station.”

That’d be the new workbench for your C.A.M.P. for mixing up your fave adult beverages in between setting off nukes. There’s also a series of repeatable daily quests for new recipes. And yes, drinking too much will result in hangovers – you have been warned!

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