Daybreak is rearranging and hopefully salvaging Player Studio, its player designer program


It looks as if Daybreak has fresh plans for Player Studio, the nifty system that allowed players to create and submit in-game content for multiple Daybreak MMOs for compensation. MMO players will recall that the Player Studio program was reportedly in serious jeopardy last year following mass layoffs that saw the head of the program let go.

But now Daybreak’s Nick Silva says that he’s been named the new Producer for the whole program, and he’s got plans. Those plans include a temporary shut-down of new artist registrations for the program; you have until March 25th to sign up if you want to be grandfathered in without delay, essentially. Existing artists will continue to be allowed to make submissions while the company reworks the system.

“In the meantime, we will be evaluating options for overhauling the Player Studio site with the intention of allowing broader categories of submissions and a more streamlined submission process,” Silva writes. “Provided that comes to fruition, we will be once again allowing new artists to join the new and improved program. Before that discussion takes place, we will be sure to process the backlog of Player Studio submissions already waiting in queue. Some of our artists have been waiting for a very long time for any sort of action to be taken on their projects, and for that I apologize.”

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