Final Fantasy XI starts bonus item campaigns on March 11

Get some.

Who likes getting extra stuff? Most Final Fantasy XI players, let’s be real. So the good news for the game’s upcoming campaigns starting on March 11th is that you’ll be able to get a lot more stuff for the same amount of effort. Heck, in the case of the new Adoulin dial being added to the Goblin Mystery Box, you’ll be getting more stuff for significantly less effort. You’ll also have an increased chance at equipment from the SP dial, which is more in the “less effort, more reward” category.

Players will also earn more plasm in Delve outings, have a chance at job cards in Macrocosmic Orb battlefields, get doubled light from Omen defeats, and more things all across the board for Mog Gardens. So it’s plenty of stuff for enterprising players; check out all of the details if you want to make a full plan of attack ahead of the March 11th kick-off date.

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Himanshu arya

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Daniel Miller

Omen double drops shall be nice. Maybe can plus 3 and armor set.