WRUP: Completely acceptable jokes edition

Wow, that was truly a Star War

Q: What’s a cow’s favorite musical genre?
A: Moo-town!

Q: Why did the boy throw the clock out the window?
A: He wanted to see time fly!

Q: What do you call two crows in a field together?
A: Attempted murder!

Q: What did one hybrid car say to the other?
A: “Look at me, you infinite fool. Look upon my face. Look beyond my face. Look to the truth that lurks beneath this thin veneer of reality, the crude substance caked upon something vast and unknowable. You have so long accustomed yourself to the substance, to the shadows playing upon pasty walls and convincing you that there is naught but comfort. There is a yawning abyss beneath your feet, and it is only your ignorance that allows you to dwell in this foolish, liminal space without fearing the intersections.”

Q: What is the name of this column?
A: What Are You Playing!

Bonus question: What’s the next movie that you’re looking forward to seeing in the theaters?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): ​No surprise, Pokemon Go. I really need my taxes done and to lose weight gained from a recent wedding (congratulations you two), so I’ll need motivation to get out of the house.

I love going to the movies! I still haven’t seen Lego Movie 2 yet, but what I’m really excited for is Infinity War Part 2. No one left the theater until after the stinger for the first one, and I’d never seen that happen in the US. It was one of those moments that reminded me of why I don’t wait to see it at home. Hoping for another of those moments.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Got back into Trove with the family last week. Been kinda weird since we had noped out for a while waiting to see where Gamigo was going with it, but it’s still there and still plenty of people around – the Reddit actually seems more active than it used to be too.

I’m kind of dreading the final Star Wars movie – I’m kind of in a “without Carrie, why bother” perpetual mood – but yeah that’ll probably be the next one I’m excited enough to actually go see.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I went ahead and picked up Anthem, am going to continue to casually chew the leaves of The Elder Scrolls Online, and of course will be (likely) eating all the dirt in Legends of Aria. Once I’m not working mandatory double shifts, anyway.

The only movie that immediately springs to mind when I consider the word “excited” is Detective Pikachu. I am a fan of the Pokemon games that subvert the usual formula like Pokken Tournament and Pokemon Snap, so I have a feeling this off-the-cuff entry will be a good time.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Hey, I just got the new aetheryte earrings in Final Fantasy XIV, that’s fun! Also there’s Anthem to play, and I’m getting close to the end of Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4. Lots to be done!

For the longest time I avoided the MCU films, but I’ve now vanished deep down that rabbit hole and I’m thus very excited to go see Captain Marvel. I am tedious and basic.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I’ve been eying a return to EverQuest II, so maybe this weekend would be ideal for that. Also, we have some Dungeons & Dragons Online anniversary shenanigans calling for my attention.

Your turn!

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