Warframe shows off horrifying Amalgams and an upgraded Plains of Eidolon


The devs of Warframe do not want you to sleep tonight or ever. That’s the only explanation for the Amalgam enemy type they’ve created, which was one of the highlights of the action shooter MMO’s recent developer livestream.

Amalgams are a freakish combination of Corpus and Sentients, and are part of the Gas City rework that the devs have been putting together. Not only are they creepy little buggers, but they also pull off a variety of unique attacks as you whittle down their health, such as unleashing a powerful laser blast or attempting to steal your shields.

The livestream also provided a look at a remaster to the popular Plains of Eidolon open zone, which will introduce visual upgrades and quality of life improvements such as the ability to select a new Bounty without having to run back to Cetus.

Warframe is also providing a bit of spit shine to the Abilities screen, with videos of each ability in action along with helpful tips compiled from the Community team and the players of Warframe itself. Part of this Abilities screen update will be introduced in a mainline patch arriving to PC as soon as next week, which will also include the new Hildryn Frame, the Revenant’s Sword weapon, and improvements to performance and waypoints.


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One of the best F2P games out there, even with paid content.

Tee Parsley

As someone who’s been away from Warframe for awhile, trying to get back playing was woefully confusing. Tons of changes, little direction. Maybe there’s a ‘returnee’s guide video’ somewhere?

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right there with you. For someone who didn’t play anything else for 9 months – it’s weird not having a clue what to do now.

Kickstarter Donor

It’s the new directionless system care of the removal of alerts.


tbh the most immediately exciting bit out of that is waypoints getting some love, as they have been noticeably and annoyingly out of pocket since a few patches ago. It’s been like trying to find your way through an Eris mission using 2004-era Mapquest.