Dauntless previews the new loadout system coming in its next update


If clothes maketh the man, then gear maketh the slayer, which is why Dauntless is revamping its loadout system and UI to make it even easier for players to manage their equipment sets. No longer will players have to swap between numerous UI panels to fiddle with their loadouts; the new loadout UI will consolidate all of a player’s gear, from weapons and armor to flasks and cells, into a single, easy-to-navigate menu.

And to make it even easier to mix and match your skills and cells to get that perfect build, the new loadout screen will also provide a simple summary of all perks provided by your equipped gear. And even better, swapping out cells on equipped armor pieces will be more straightforward than ever — no more slogging through the inventory and cell interfaces just to move cells from one piece of gear to another.

And of course, it’s not all about stats — the new loadout system will help make sure that your style is on point as well thanks to the integration of transmogs and dyes into the new UI. The revamped loadout experience is slated to go live with open beta patch 0.6.9, which should be arriving “around March 13th.”

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