Dual Universe showcases community ship creations in new alpha video


When you hear the word “voxel,” chances are that chunky, Minecraft-like building blocks come to mind. But Dual Universe is bound and determined to demonstrate that its voxel tools are anything but chunky, which is why the team hosted a community ship building contest in December. Today, the top three winners have been revealed, and trust us, ain’t none of them look like a pile of blocks.

“Beginning as a challenge for community members to dream up their ideal spaceships (limited for this challenge to sized 16 to 32 in-game meters) and then make them reality with Dual Universe’s extensive voxel-shaping tools, the Alpha 1 community didn’t disappoint,” Nova Quark said. “Over 100 submissions later, the universe as we know it just got a whole lot more sleek.”

You can get an idea of the possibilities for the game’s ship building tools in the video below. Dual Universe is gearing up for an Alpha 2 phase in the first half of this year, followed by beta and release in 2020.

Source: YouTube
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A year ago I looked at this game, and found a video of a dev ship building.

Now they’ve “progressed” to videos of players ship bulding.

Anyone seen any videos on “ship shooting” and “ships going boom?”

Combat still seems noticeably absent so far.


Combat won’t be added to the alpha until at least the second half of 2019.


I had never been really into voxel based games but this one does look nicer and more serious. i wonder how good the gameplay is