Grimdark MMORPG Mad World opens hardcore signups for April alpha zero


We’ve been keeping watch on Jandisoft’s upcoming MMO Mad World since 2017, when it first appeared in one of our roundups. But since then, the cross-platform game has been mostly rolling out brief teasers, missing its Steam launch last fall. That turns out to be because the game was nowhere near done. But now, it’s barreling toward its first real closed alpha, a phase it’s calling alpha zero.

“This will be a traditional alpha test,” the Korean studio says. “There are no founder packs to guarantee access to this test. This test is not indicative of the final product. There will be glitches, errors and significant development changes. Your progress will be wiped.” Additionally, the test will carry a “strict NDA.”

It’s actually a bit refreshing to see a legitimate alpha with an old-school application form that wants way too much information about you to weed out the looky-loos. Anyhow, you can sign up on the official form.

And if you missed it, the team dropped a trailer earlier this year:

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I love the overall style and idea of it. If done carefully it can become a great little game. Having a true alpha is a step in the right direction


Wow, grimdark is cool, I miss D2…


I thought the game looked 3D at first, but I think it’s 2D after closer inspection. That’s pretty impressive.

Robert Mann

Real alpha is cool, at least. Now… if only I hear they had paid testers too it would be something of major note.

David Blair

Woah! A real Alpha! I respect this company.