Having Anthem trouble on your PS4? Sony might be granting refunds

In we go.

Multiple sites are now reporting that Sony is granting at least some refunds to Anthem players suffering from frequent crashes on PlayStation 4. Players on Reddit and the official forums claim that a crash or error in the game, or even just an attempt to exist, will actually turn off their console – the hard way, like yanking a power cord and then requiring you sit around while it makes database repairs. Some players even claim Anthem bricked their consoles outright; Kotaku theorizes it might be a heat issue.

Sony hasn’t officially announced that it’s refunding, but Redditors are posting their chat logs with support, and some folks are getting refunds while others are being flatly denied, so if you’re struggling and don’t want to wait for a fix, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

For its part, EA acknowledged the crash bug and began collecting reports last night.

MOP’s Eliot posted his first impressions of Anthem last week. He kinda liked it, but then he wasn’t playing on PS4.

Source: Kotaku, Reddit, Twitter. Thanks, The Balance, Serrenity, and Don!

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