Red Dead Online’s testers grump over patch issues as Rockstar updates with Fool’s Gold event


During MOP’s last podcast recording, Justin and I discussed Snail Games’ upcoming Outlaws of the Old West survival sandbox MMO-lite, and naturally we pointed out that pretty much the only online games in this category have either flopped horribly (Wild West Online) or failed to release for PC (Red Dead Online). All Snail has to do is not screw up and it should be some easy money from those of us hungry for a half-decent western MMO on PC. Meanwhile, Red Dead is flailing around for no discernible reason after the hugely successful launch of RDR2. “What are you doing, Rockstar?” I mused into the void.

Apparently it’s a question we need to revive today. Kotaku put up a solid piece yesterday chronicling the dumpster fire that is parts of the game’s Reddit following last week’s 1.06 patch. Console beta testers are grumpy over nerfs, ugly outfits (I love this one), griefing, boring shooter mechanics, irritating economy tweaks, grind, overpriced emotes, and what’s characterized as the missing “cowboy mythology.”

Of note, Kotaku’s pulled what’s a measure of last resort at least for us – that is, it’s included interview questions it asked Rockstar but the studio declined to answer. The questions are simple and to the point – like, are you still working on daily challenge rewards, what’s up with the “coming soon” clothes,” and do you have a six-month roadmap. All questions everyone wants answered at this point.

For its part, this morning Rockstar tweeted a reminder that the multiplayer version of the game is still in beta and evolving. Today it’s patched in a new weapon (the Evans Repeater) and the the Fool’s Gold Free Roam event it previously teased, neither of which is likely to assuage the ongoing concerns.

“Fool’s Gold is the latest addition to the rotating roster of Free Roam Events, a selection of special competitive game types that periodically invite you to participate as you roam across the world of the Red Dead Online Beta. When you opt-into a Free Roam Event you’ll automatically join the event location before it begins. Like all Free Roam events, Fool’s Gold is a quick and easy way to jump into some fun competition and rack up a little extra XP and cash. It’s also a great way to quickly complete weapon, kill or combat-related Daily Challenges without attacking players in an open session.”

The studio’s also delivered a new care package for beta players with a bunch of ammo and other goodies. Now that might soothe some ruffled feathers.

Source: RockstarReddit, moreKotaku

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Anybody else get the feeling that given the success of GTA Online the devs aren’t in a huge hurry on this?

Seriously, I don’t think they are flailing. It’s more like stalling. They do not want to cannibalize GTAO. Because at this point they have the experience to support an online multiplayer game.


Agreed on the authentic cowboy/western experience with friends. If they don’t or can’t deliver that they messed up.

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Snail? Nah – I can wait.

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Of note, Kotaku’s pulled what’s a measure of last resort at least for us – that is, it’s included interview questions it asked Rockstar but the studio declined to answer.

Damn, I checked thinking it was because they were getting stonewalled on them or because they had answered some questions but not those but…no, these are just the questions they asked them. That’s sure…odd and definitely a bit of BM – you give the developer the opportunity to respond/decline first as a courtesy. No clue who that new guy is, but he’s not impressing me.

Danny Smith

This has been a pretty interesting development to watch. We see red dead and think “cowboy gta” but i wonder if there is less of a cross over than is assumed?

It certainly looks like Rockstar expected another tween moneyfarm sucking up all the none V bucks minibuy market from the “i stole me dads credit card info” 10-15 bracket. Maybe they just dont care when you can’t pay real money for a spawnable monster truck?