Star Trek Online launches Mirror of Discovery on console versions today

Mirror match!

If you think about it, Star Trek Online has its own mirror universe in the real world thanks to its split between console and PC versions. The console version is very much like the PC version, but it tends to lag a little bit behind as if it’s in some sort of time warp. Luckily for players on console, January’s Mirror of Discovery update is arriving on consoles now, and that update is all about mirror universes.

Of course, the mirror in this case is about good vs. evil instead of the most recent content vs. slightly older content, but that’s hardly worth dwelling on.

The update includes two new feature episodes, anniversary event content, and the Battle at the Binary Stars Task Force Operation. Yes, it’s all familiar if you play the game’s PC version extensively, but it’s still plenty of stuff for console players to enjoy, so there’s no reason to dwell on that fact. Check out the trailer just below and start picking up on the new installments of mirrored adventures today.

Source: Cryptic Studios press release
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I uninstalled it today. The launcher had an update on how awesome a Foundry mission was and recommending players check it out. The very next launcher news entry was the announcement of the Foundry shut down. Cryptic’s new content is way to infrequent to have them be the sole provider.


Tilly/Killy is so hot! I just love her character in both universes.

I gave up about 2 episodes in on season 2, I’m letting the whole season back build i can’t do this weekly chit. Binge! is the only way.

Waiting for True Detective season 3 too i tried about 4 episodes in and yea forget this, and got into Cardinal too, and about 3 episodes into season 3, it just doesn’t work, you lose the flow, like a suspension climatic cliff hanger ending to the show and i’m thinking to myself, who the fuck is that? Yep back to binging.