The Elder Scrolls Online celebrates criminal dealings for the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood starting March 7

Hooray, crime!

Being a law-abiding citizen in The Elder Scrolls Online is great and all, but have you considered being a criminal? The game is celebrating those who do dirty deeds, dirt cheap or otherwise, starting on March 7th. During the event period players will earn more rewards for Heists and Sacraments while also getting doubled drops from World Bosses, Delves, and harvested crafting nodes. Those last few really aren’t particularly criminal, but double the goods is double the goods however you slice it.

Players can also earn an event ticket per day from the first Heist and the first Sacrament completed per-day; these are account-wide limitations, so plan accordingly. The event tickets allow you to purchase some special rewards; you can also get special rewards by picking up the collector bundles for the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild DLC for a lower price than normal. Hey, encouraging you to be a criminal in the game doesn’t mean not getting paid, right?

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Toy Clown

I love the thieving and assassination gameplay systems in ESO. It’s nice to see an event for both DLCs.