Fortnite adds treasure maps and the best ice slide mode ever

We don't mean anything bad!

So that new pirate theme is still creeping its way across Fortnite, continuing today with the release of 8.01 – and treasure maps. The patch notes for this are so terse I can’t tell whether they’re just trying to be clear for the kids who flock to this game or just messing with us.

“Buried Treasure,” Epic Games says. “It’s a map that is used to track down buried chests on the map.”

Yes, yes it is, and X marks the spot as you’d expect. You’ll be digging up one map at a time – found from floor loot and chests – with your pickaxe in exchange for a trove of legendary loot.

Today’s patch also adds a limited time mode called Slide Duos where you run around wearing ice blocks on your feet and presumably spend the whole time falling down on your ass, which sounds hilarious, plus a new tournament called Gauntlet Solo/Duo, which appears to be a test of some tourney templates.

Source: Patch notes

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