Sea of Thieves’ latest update adds new mercenary voyages, buffs Merchant Alliance rewards

All these PLAYERS wanting to DO STUFF!

Be you mercenary or merchant, the latest Sea of Thieves patch has some new additions and updates that are sure to shiver your timbers. Pirates with a penchant for PvP-flavored plunder will find all the high-seas mayhem they crave in the new Reaper’s Run voyage, which challenges crews to “brave the waters surrounding Wanderers Refuge,” and with multiple crews all bound for the same destination, there’s bound to be some chaotic showdowns.

If that’s not dangerous enough for you, players who complete the Reaper’s Run with the Reaper’s Mark flag equipped — thus revealing their whereabouts to nearby crews — will earn progress towards the Legendary Reaper of Wanderers Refuge commendation and the Wandering Reaper title. On top of that, there are now two more mercenary voyages available from Duke’s shop.

Members of the Merchant Alliance are also getting some love with this update, as mercantile activities have been made substantially more lucrative. The value of selling off animal cargo has been “significantly increased,” as have the payouts for successful cargo runs. In addition, cargo runs should now be a bit less taxing, as cargo is now “much more robust and significantly easier to get to its destination in good condition,” and the average cargo run delivery distance has been reduced, making for much shorter treks.

The update also includes some miscellaneous updates to various mechanics, including floating treasure decay speed, sword swing recovery speed, and more. If you want to know all the details on the update’s many additions and improvements, you can check out the full patch notes on the game’s official site.

Source: Patch Notes

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All great improvements – the Reaper’s runs sound like a blast.