EVE Online is heading to South Korea later this year

Sure, why not.

Hands up if you prognosticated this shocking development following Pearl Abyss’ acquisition of CCP last fall: EVE Online is now coming to South Korea.

“We’re super happy to let our pilots know that our Russian, German, and French communities will soon be joined by pilots from the Republic of Korea, after the announcement of Korean localization by CCP Hellmar during a media conference in Seoul,” CCP said in a brief press statement last night.

The launch is happening some time in Q4 2019, so Korean gamers have plenty of time to read up on the MMO and prepare themselves for outer space corporate competition. And even better news for those players, CCP has confirmed that Korean localization will come with the release.

Source: EVE Online. Thanks Panagiotis!

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Facinating, this should shake up the sov wars quite a bit, will be interesting to see it becomes S Korea vs the rest of the universe or if other alliances will form.