World War II Online aka Battleground Europe just got a fresh update with a new campaign


So here’s a little bit of old-school awesome for your week: World War II Online just rolled out a big update. The 2001 MMORPG remains among the oldest still running and indeed just got a huge influx of new players just a few years ago when it finally launched on Steam. We called it “vintage warfare” at the time, which is still perfect.

“The latest update of WWII Online brought back some of the old school WWII Online flavor to the game,” the devs at Cornered Rat wrote thus week. “These old bunker designs have been completely redone from scratch and have been re-introduced into some of the new towns that were recently added to the map!”

“Campaign 161 started off with a bang as we started in Tier 3 – 1944 equipment. This decision was made by CRS leaders as the Allies have had little playtime with the USA personas, and the new British toys (M10 Achilles and Sherman Firefly Mk IC) since they were introduced. The last two Campaigns have been dominated by the Axis who claimed victory just as the Tier 3 equipment rolled in. Among the excitement for Campaign 161 is the map expansion See the Readme below. Allies have made a dash for the new Holland towns North of the Zeeland area, can the Axis hold their territory? Log in to find out! “

Do note that it’s still primarily a pay-to-play game; the free version accessible on Steam is basically a demo with only a simple character archetype.

WWII Online Tutorials: Operating Trucks and Gun Haulers

In any battle, logistics are incredibly important, and this is also true in WWII Online!Whether you need to get your infantry and towed anti-aircraft or anti-tank guns to the battlefield, or keep them resupplied so they can keep the pressure on the enemy, the trucks and gun haulers in WWII Online are an integral part of any battle!WWII Online includes several different trucks and haulers depending on what country you're fighting for:Bedford OYDMorris CDSWLaffly S-20Opel BlitzSdKfz 7In this tutorial we'll take a basic look at how to operate these classes of units in game using the Bedford OYD, but all of the trucks and haulers in game operate in a similar fashion!Now get in game and get hauling!

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I’ll start this with what is wrong with the game, you can see my opinion on that here in the review section.

Now, on to the comments below. Just today it was pointed out on the CRS forums that most of the “toxicity” towards CRS is in the text chat inside the game itself. In other words, from their current players.

Player: In game side chat is where the toxicity seems to be at present.

XOOM’s response: This will be resolved shortly.

This interaction pretty much sums up XOOM’s management of CRS criticism. He can write all the flowery responses he wants about CRS customer relations but his own statements give away the truth. In their own forums he uses words like “lenient” or here on this website “forgiving”. Is this a game looking for players or is XOOM some kind judge and jury? CRS wishes to moderate live player interactions in game at this point. Apparently, moderating their own forums down to the private message section (what is this the Stazi?) is not getting it done. I have had entire conversations between myself and another CRS employee wiped from the forums with no terms of service violations from either party simply due to getting the intellectual better of them. I’ve had forum posts directly removed by XOOM himself because he wanted to “control the narrative” on a given issue. CRS’ game forums unfortunately stopped being a useful avenue to discuss problems with the game because CRS simply cannot take criticism. Criticism immediately results in warnings, post removals, or completely snarky responses from CRS at this point. Telling another player that they are welcome on your Discord channel to play another game with you if they ever wish to… a bannable offense. Take note here… not asking them to unsubscribe from WWIIOL, just an invite to a Discord channel to play another game sometime. As gamers don’t most all of us play other games? Apparently not… it’s a bannable offense. Apparently at some point WWIIOL became a religious cult rather than a game. It would be creepy if it were not so funny. So you have a group that runs their game forums like the Stazi and treats the game as though it is some kind of religious cult and they wonder why the atmosphere is “toxic”. Then they get blind sided by player exoduses because they filtered out all the criticism. Laughable. CRS customer relations… horrible.

XOOM can tout the longest running MMO thing all he likes. However, understand this… WWIIOL is not even a viable business at this point. Yes… the thing is still up and running but the staff is entirely volunteer and the game even has to have fund raisers to keep the lights on. In those fund raisers over half the money is raised by just a handful of people. Incidentally, I wonder if those folks have their development priorities catered to? Just a thought. Regardless… if it were not for volunteers and donors this game would be completely dead. That is just a fact. The game, were it required to stand on its own as a viable business would be dead.

Scott Roy

“The lack of recognition of reality here I think is clouding your ability to make appropriate observations.”
Someone said that to me once.


Valiant effort Saronin. Now if you could just hold yourself accountable for the years of Terms of Service violations and trying to siphon customers directly and indirectly to other games, perhaps your narrative might hold a little more weight.

I’ll say again, I’m not promising perfection. I am human, and I care about what we’re doing here. I’ve been apart of this thing for more than half of my life now, and it means a lot to me.

So yeah I’m going to be passionate about it. And I know you are too, otherwise you’d move on. Yet here you are, at every opportunity, turning on the very community and game you have claimed to care about.



Funny. Asking folks if they would like to play some other games is “trying to siphon customers directly and indirectly to other games”. You do know that people play other games and still subscribe and play WWIIOL right? Dude… WWIIOL is a video game, not a cult. The mere fact that you view people saying “hey dude, if you ever want to play X game with us come on over” as a Terms of Service violation is just plain weird. I haven’t asked people to unsubscribe from the game. That is their decision and quite frankly it appears as though your own staff is doing quite a fine job of thinning the heard on their own.

Take this thread for instance:

Look at what your new Rat BMBM has driven one your long time subscribers ( join date July 1st, 2001 to be exact) to say at the bottom of page 9:

“fix it or don’t – i’m done arguing and supporting the game.”

and a page later on page 10, another comment from a long time subscriber (join date January 17th, 2006):

I have hardly posted on these forums for the last few years, I sort of got involved again forumwise with the awful IMHO changes to the spawnlists.
It now seems to be 99% of the player base against the guys at CRS and their infallible secret book.
So, time for me to stop banging my head against a brick wall and to leave the hypocritical zealots to their economic doctrinal game.

It seems to me that maybe you should be more worried about that kind of thing since it’s CRS members directly driving away subscribers. You and I both know this isn’t an isolated incident. In the past CRS staff has responded by telling customers that maybe the game is “just to hard for them”. That was a comment form the CRS “Support” guy for crying out loud. The guy listed above has made direct disparaging comments about the pilots who play the Luftwaffe in game. Maybe you should think about getting a hold on that type of stuff instead of blaming players for your problems.

At the end of the day you need to live with this universal truth: If your game is a good game and it is fun to play it doesn’t matter what I say because people will play it anyway. If they are not choosing to subscribe and play the game it’s not from a few bad reviews. It’s from a bad product. If you really want to know why WWIIOL is currently struggling, I kindly direct you to the nearest mirror.

Scott Roy

This whole thread summarizes the WWIIOL experience. Even though 98% of the players have left, saying variations on the same theme, it falls on deaf ears and is met with smart alecky comments from CRS.

The FPS experience in that game is just not good or fun, but hey, there’s a rip-roaring discussion about how much a Matilda cost to produce in 1942.
All while not improving the end-user experience and watching the last remaining supporters flee in droves.

Just wow.
I’m speechless.

Scott Roy

Nice, I responded to Xoom in that thread, but it’s been pulled and the reply locked.

I’m not going to sit here and bandy words with Xoom any more. I stand firmly by my impressions and actual experiences with that title and their management during the 17 year run they’ve had, past and present parties included.

Don’t believe the hype. It’s mostly hype.

Don’t believe me? Go and download it right now and give it a try.
You’ll laugh and cry, and you won’t be moved to sub to it.


For the record, I don’t know what thread you’re referring to here and I have zero pull or admin powers to do anything.

Good luck Vasduten1. S!

Scott Roy

I was referring to the reply I left you under your reply to my post here. It’s gone.


Roger. Like I said, no idea. I can’t do squat here.

Scott Roy

“make sport out of these circumstances with a very focused intent to do harm”

Oh, you mean writing a review of your title?
There is no intent to do CRS harm here, I’m just another long time player who got tired of funding campaigns, promises upon promises, a botched Steam release and wasting over $1000 on that game since 1999. I really DO hope they somehow make a miracle happen and revamp the entire game, but I don’t see it coming -even though it’s been teased and promised for over five years now.

When I wanted to just do some flying a few months ago and got WWIIOL on Steam with the intent to grab a DLC pack, it wouldn’t even launch.
When I inquired about this in the forums, I was referred to a link that showed how to cut and paste code into a file on my system. That didn’t even work.
It wasn’t a new problem, either. Why, WHY wasn’t this code put into the downloaded game files to begin with? Why should anyone have to add code just to play that game?

Can’t put a version out on your site that WORKS? What a mess.

I stand by my review, however scathing it may be. That game is poorly run and the forums are policed by volunteer CRS folks to keep the negativity out. By negativity, I mean any and all criticism of how the game works, (or doesn’t, as is often the case,) the game’s awful supply mechanics or anything that CRS has done, ever.

The patients now run the asylum.


The DLL issue (I think) you’re referring to was fixed and made part of the game. So now you no longer are required to do it by hand. We got that fixed as fast as we could, it took sometime to figure out how to isolate and implement that because it had a specific set of requirements to replicate. It wouldn’t have been just a “drop” the file in sort of thing. Anyhow, we implemented the solution and users who were having that problem, report no longer having that issue.

Scott, we can handle criticism (of course we prefer it to be constructive, because then we can jointly solve issues). It’s the degree you’re taking it that’s legit unreasonable.

We never promised being able to re-create the game. We have discussed investigating what it would take, but, 5 years ago (2014) we released our first patch in two years because the other dev team left due to some really uncontrollable / difficult circumstances. We spent 2012-2015 plugging holes and keeping the ship afloat.

2016 was the real year we started to be able to develop the game again, with mostly volunteers, which continues to be our reality today. We’re blessed with some great people and we couldn’t have been doing it otherwise.

The lack of recognition of reality here I think is clouding your ability to make appropriate observations. Anyone can be a critic, that’s easy. I could have too, when I witnessed the whole team put in their two weeks notice in July of 2012. I decided to be part of the solution, and the people who are with us and joined us since, did the same.

I don’t feel this is productive, probably just as you feel we’re not listening to you or incorporating your feedback into desired solutions. It’s not that we don’t want to achieve big things, it has just been a very, very painful process of reverse engineering. That’s the bottom line. There’s no other throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something sticks assumptions to be made.


Man, this game was the back in the day! Literally hours upon hours of great fights and laughs with the squad – 23rd Armored. I have yet to find an armor sim that offers what WWIIOL offered us back then. Unfortunately it never grew. If the graphics are stone-age, the infantry play is jurassic era – clunky as all hell and totally flat. The game was obsolete upon BF2 and COD 2’s arrival – 15 years ago! I did a return-a-vet program a while back and absolutely nobody was playing. It was very sad. And, they changed the tanks to where they’re constantly exploding like a Battlefield game which I totally did not get down with. I do agree with the commenter that the screenshot is indeed staged.

IL-2 just announced the new map for Bodenplatte – almost identical to WWIIOL in size and will offer armored and air combat. Perhaps we will finally see a modern successor to this fantastic concept.

Scott Roy

It really was an awesome game for it’s time. That time is passed though.

Bud Smith

It’s a shame we have the negative comments on here, but I really enjoy the game and have been playing for 17 years. It’s fun and there are massive battles on the map. Not sure about others, but join a squad, get on discord and have fun.

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

Wouldn’t know anything about WWII Online, all of my plans for coverage were killed when CRS started slinging around lawsuit threats over critical comments back in 2013.

Scott Roy

hahah Remember MMORPG and the threats of lawsuits? Jesus.
It’s as if the power they had over their own forums was somehow swelling their heads up giving them the false belief that they could go around suing anyone who didn’t like their game, even in other domains.


Thank you Massively OP for continuing to follow our game and reporting on significant developments that we’ve been able to attain. A quick review of our 1.35 release history will quickly indicate how much we’ve been able to do.

Since 2015 we’ve been rebuilding an all new (mostly volunteer) team to continue WWII Online, and we’ve had to reverse engineer things that were created without much documentation or support from our predecessors. This has taken considerable time and has been no short of divine intervention and sheer power of will to get here.

Over all of these years we have been able to have a wide collection of fans. Everyone of them (including those here) can point to several important moments in their gaming history where they had an exceptional time, made friends and shared great game play experiences. While there are many left, as time goes on, we have indeed lost some. But the fact that we have folks who are still playing and have been doing so routinely since 2001 is a considerable achievement for the duration of an online game. We’re one of the longest running games in gaming history.

We (CRS) don’t sell ourselves to be perfect, but we are committed. We’re doing the best we can under difficult circumstances. Unfortunately, as witnessed by some discussion here, some of these past players who either left or were removed from our community (which is exceptionally hard to do as we’re pretty forgiving) make sport out of these circumstances with a very focused intent to do harm, as some sort of revenge. There’s a sense of power and enlightenment in all of that, I guess…

It just goes to show how emotionally invested people become with our game, it really matters to them and they are fans who are just voicing what matters to them most. How else could you explain this obsession (of going at us on so many platforms)?

I am proud of what our team at CRS has done, and the rest of the community who has continued to be part of the solution and make WWII Online continue onwards. That speaks volumes as to who we are as a team, as a gaming community, and as people who genuinely care about each other and the welfare of something great we all believe in.

Thank you to our fans, past and present for being there with us and supporting us.

To those who were once with us, and now make a sport out of attacking us… I can’t control what you decide to say, but forget the individuals that make up CRS (past and present). What ever beef you have… think of the experiences you had with us, think of the community who are still having that good time. Let them enjoy this. Consider that you can move on in peace, you don’t have to try and tear everything down. You’re hurting your friends. There’s more to life, use your time for fulfilling things.

Let it go. Forgiveness, and letting go, is the best anecdote to healing.


I was a member of the once mighty Canada Corps, a group of us that rode around in tanks looking for trouble. WWII Online sure provided some of the best and the most tense battles for it’s time. Sadly, I trust the negative reviews, but wish it could have been updated in a meaningful way to attract more players.
Heroes and Generals is a more “modern” WWII game that provides smaller maps, today’s graphics and a buttload of trolls who luv to hate on it if you can get past them lol.

Scott Roy

Too bad they’ve left the gameplay such a mess for so long that nobody is even online there anymore. Peak hours usually have around 20 players on at a time. Hardly a “massively multiplayer” game.

They’ve left the air game completely lopsided and driven off all of the dedicated axis airmen, have left the tanking game with high numbers of spawned tanks, (because when tank numbers had realistic spawn numbers everyone flamed CRS in the forums and ragequit en masse,) and so the usual experience goes thusly:
Spawn at a FB, jog for a half hour to get to town. Get killed by tank MG fire.
Spawn at field resupply unit: it’s camped by three tanks.

That game is dead and rotten. Not even worth an autopsy at this point.

Yeah, they had a BIG update just this past week -and nobody showed up to play.

They want $17/month for that crummy game, too. A game that looks and feels like 2005, game breaking bugs left in and crappy mechanics/physics and a lopsided air game where your 20MM cannons don’t even do any damage to the medium bombers that loop over a town dropping bombs without even getting hurt by their own ordnance all under 500M.

It sucks, and is NOT worth a second, third or fourth look. Craptastic and poorly run.


Outstanding game. Pretty much the only game that’s been resident on my (succession of) HD(s) since it released.

No, it has to be acknowledged that the graphics aren’t comparable your Call of Duty shooter, but then again in CoD you have engagement ranges measured in dozens of feet; WW2OL you can bomb people from 5 miles up, or end up in a tank battle flinging shells at each other from a mile apart. Shooting even a simple rifle in WW2OL requires actual skill because your target is (hopefully – if you only have rifle!) hundreds of meters away.

WW2OL routinely has battles with hundreds of players simultaneously: often a handful of fighter aircraft from either side tangle while tactical bombers try to sneak in/past the fray. Dozens of tanks, armored cars, half-tracks, and trucks maneuver across miles of terrain to try to catch defenders unaware. Scores of infantry pile out of trucks, forming up (hopefully) out of sight/reach from the defenders wary AT and mg posts, and beginning the long, tough process of infiltrating and ultimately fighting through the defenders pouring from barracks and bunkers, to capture the town. Hell, there’s even occasional shelling from riverine craft or destroyers offshore (also delightful targets for the tactical bombers). You can even strategic-bomb the enemy’s factories, reducing their flow of materiel and helping your side everywhere.

None of this is easy mode. You will NOT find any aim-assist in this game; you will find absolutely historically accurate reticles, magnification, optics, & sights on every weapon. Pretty much anyone can grab an infantry man with a rifle and plink away to useful effect, but learning to use a mortar or bazooka, drive a tank (you can even multicrew a couple of players in the same vehicle), or fly an aircraft takes ACTUAL skill and practice or you’re going to waste the equipment to no good effect.

Yes I sound like a promotional flyer but (shrug) damn I love this game.

Honestly, it pretty much ruined other games’ pvp for me. Everything else is like “why bother?”
comment image

Scott Roy

Well, you really ARE a positive fellow.

While WWIIOL “offers” a game like no other, (really it is a big, combined arms game in an open world, it fails to deliver a playable or even cohesive gaming experience.

It’s basically the fiv e or six volunteers who run it and a couple dozen paying supporters who keep borking it to favor the paying donors -every patch.

It’s boring and stupid. A real waste of anyone’s time.

Really, all CRS is doing is selling vaporware. There is no real substance in their repeated claims that something awesome is coming. It’s been failed promise after failed promise… and three years after the announcement that ToES was going, it’s still there, with a bedraggled HC that may or may not be online to direct the attacks.

You and ten other people play it regularly, yet you claim it’s SO fun.
It’s not.


WW2OL routinely has battles with hundreds of players simultaneously

Lucky to find 100 people online at its busiest and that’s very rare. Was once a fun game but development died about 10 years ago along with the playerbase. A new group is working on stuff, but there’s too many obstacles to overcome at this point and some aren’t even fixable with the game engine.

PS: Love the picture, that would never actually happen in the game except to create a screenshot for marketing.

Scott Roy

More vaporware.