Albion Online explains the mechanics of its randomized dungeons and why they’re a big deal

There! A thing!

The randomized dungeons are the biggest feature arriving in Albion Online with the Oberon update on March 20th, but they might be a bigger feature than you’re aware of. The latest discussion from the developers talks about the mechanics behind the randomized dungeons and what lurks within, but it also talks about why this is a big feature for the game as a whole, starting with the fact that it’s new PvE content to bring people into the open world. That alone is a good reason to be excited.

Beyond that, however, the addition of randomized dungeons also means building the tech to provide alternative form of randomized content and more dynamic things spawning in the open world. The infrastructure will be in place for things like gathering dungeons, raid dungeons, and other unusual spawns throughout the open world. Last but not least, it keeps players from finding the “most profitable” content and chain-running it, since randomized dungeons are, well, random. Check out the full video just below for an overview of what this content means for the game in the long-term as well.

Source: YouTube