Atlas previews March milestone claim system changes and procedural shipwrecks


Last week, Atlas gave players their first peek at what they can expect with the March milestone update coming later this month, and in this week’s Captain’s Log, the devs provide even more information to reveal about the myriad changes coming to the game’s territory claim system and preview the introduction of the new secure trading system and procedurally generated shipwreck features.

Following a period of lawless anarchy on the game’s PvE servers, the March milestone update will reintroduce the territory claiming system, with some modifications to ensure that players “always have an option to build.” In short, players can claim islands, and anyone will be able to build on those settlements, but “each settlement will have an upkeep cost […] based on a variety of factors,” and settlement owners will be able to set a tax rate for those who take up residence within their settlements.

On PvP servers, the claim system will remain largely unchanged, but the devs are making some alterations to “how cannons are used during raidable/wartime hours.” Claim owners will be able to build cannons on their lands, and those cannons will come with some new options that allow their owners to control who can use them. The update will also introduce the ability for company owners to designate other companies as neutral rather than being limited to the current binary ally/enemy designation.

The update will also include the “first phase of the Player to Player secure trading system.” The devs don’t provide any details on how exactly it will work, but they do reveal that players will be able to give it a try when it hits the PTR “later this month.”

And last but certainly not least, the March milestone will introduce a new type of environment objective in the form of procedurally generated shipwrecks that players can explore and plunder for items and blueprints. For more details on these upcoming new features, be sure to check out the full Captain’s Log over at the game’s official site.


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Strana M

They never learned any lessons from pillars in ARK.

Toy Clown

I think I want to try this game now!

Robert Mann

Tax system already existed, it’s just one island one group runs it now…

At least they are trying to address the single biggest remaining issue, landmass. I doubt it will work fully, and it’s going to highlight the second biggest issue (lag) but… maybe they listened a little? Time shall tell.

*Based on what I have seen of the game, and the PvE things I heard about that were essentially game-breaking that had not yet been fixed. PvP is, of course, still it’s own bag of issues.*


Nice to see some claim changes. Not sure if the tax system is gonna work out that well, but it’s gotta be better than spending an hour or six finding an island to settle.