SpatialOS company Improbable reveals new AAA online multiplayer title helmed by SWTOR vet


Back in January, after the dust of the SpatialOS vs. Unity spat had settled, Improbable and Crytek made an intriguing announcement: They were partnering on a new AAA title built using CRYENGINE and SpatialOS. As of today, we know even more about Improbable’s ambitions in the game development arena, as ahead of GDC Improbable revealed that it’s working on additional titles – online multiplayer titles, with an impressive roster of names.

“Games technology company Improbable today announces that it has commenced development of its own online multiplayer games, powered by SpatialOS, with game development in two studio locations. These and future Improbable studios will create cutting-edge games for release, whilst spearheading major technological advancements that will be fundamental to improving the tools and techniques for our partner network. Improbable’s game development will be initiated by its internal games studio based in Edmonton, fronted by Aaryn Flynn, former head of studio on BioWare’s Dragon Age, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Mass Effect franchises. Improbable also announces the creation of a London-based games studio, which will be led by new hire John Wasilczyk, previously Executive Producer at Epic Games and EA DICE.”

The move probably won’t surprise anyone, given that SpatialOS is specifically designed for MMORPG architecture and that Improbable’s CEO has previously discussed his passion for the virtual world and desire for “the industry to believe in online games again.”

Source: Press release, official site. We’ve updated this article since release to make clear that this is not the same as the CryEngine project – that’s still happening, but they are different games.
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Hmm. Ok. In theory, if Spatial works as described by Roper in his interviews it could be a fantastic advancement leading MMORPGs to be much closer to dynamic virtual worlds.

It is what EQ Next dreamed about, remember? Areas where mobs, foliage etc would be dynamic mini-biomes that change based on events in the world around them. No more mobs waiting to be killed. Real changes in the environment based on weather, cataclysm etc.

But the hurdle was the amount of overhead required to setup and maintain the additional network resources needed server side, not to mention the network traffic generated.

So, this latest news is interesting but means nothing if they have sorted that out.

Chris Ochs

I find it interesting how much emphasis players put on well known individuals.

Making games is so much of an art form that success on one game is not really a good indicator of future success or failure. The only consistent repeated success in the industry is games that have relatively small incremental changes and stick to a core formula that doesn’t really change much.


“They were partnering on a new AAA title…”

I keep thinking “Anonymous Alcoholics Anonymous” when I see that. o.O

Dug From The Earth

CryEngine and MMO should NEVER be used together.

When are these ridiculous big wigs in charge going to realize that a games engine is more than just a label, and they arent all just interchangeable with every genre of game.


So the guy behind SWTOR, ME:A, and the downward slide of Dragon Age is headed up a new MMO studio making a game. I’m not sure how I’m suppose to get excited that a guy who was very influential with 3 of the worst games bioware has released in the last decade is headed up a new game.

I mean…. I guess I was suppose to be excited that Smedley started up a studio with amazon as well, but yeah… I wasn’t.

maydrock .

Great! Now for anything worth a damn, let’s just time warp ahead 5 to 8 years.


Let’s hope by “online multiplayer” they meant “massively multiplayer online with persistent, seamless virtual world and deep, emergent sandbox game play” and were just in a hurry when typing. But before we hear/see more I won’t hold my breath.

Also, if they’re just starting to build up the studio it’s still a long way off.

Jeremy Barnes

I’m not sure you want to advertise that a SWTOR vet is making the game


I was gonna say the same. That game will go down in history as the game that killed SWG and tried to beat WoW by copying it, but failed instead.

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Aaryn was studio manager, pretty far up the chain, and was at the Edmonton office. His influence on SWTOR, especially pre-ship, was likely minimal.


Given that Edmonton is also the main office for bioware, I would say his influence was probably beyond minimal. Yes Austin produced SWTOR, and Edmonton was just a branch office for that project, but given the era we are in of internet connectivity. It is very easy for satellite offices to serve as if they were right in the main office.


That’s a name I didn’t expect to pop up again in the AAA space, not anytime soon.

Alright it’s multiplayer and online, but aside from subtext and manifestos do we have any solid ground on whether this new thing they’re working on is a virtual world of sort?


I follow him, and until 5 hours ago, his feed really hasn’t been ‘newsworthy’ ;)! Surprised they’re building an MMO up here, but, logistics are much simpler now, than 20 years ago!