SpatialOS company Improbable reveals new AAA online multiplayer title helmed by SWTOR vet


Back in January, after the dust of the SpatialOS vs. Unity spat had settled, Improbable and Crytek made an intriguing announcement: They were partnering on a new AAA title built using CRYENGINE and SpatialOS. As of today, we know even more about Improbable’s ambitions in the game development arena, as ahead of GDC Improbable revealed that it’s working on additional titles – online multiplayer titles, with an impressive roster of names.

“Games technology company Improbable today announces that it has commenced development of its own online multiplayer games, powered by SpatialOS, with game development in two studio locations. These and future Improbable studios will create cutting-edge games for release, whilst spearheading major technological advancements that will be fundamental to improving the tools and techniques for our partner network. Improbable’s game development will be initiated by its internal games studio based in Edmonton, fronted by Aaryn Flynn, former head of studio on BioWare’s Dragon Age, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Mass Effect franchises. Improbable also announces the creation of a London-based games studio, which will be led by new hire John Wasilczyk, previously Executive Producer at Epic Games and EA DICE.”

The move probably won’t surprise anyone, given that SpatialOS is specifically designed for MMORPG architecture and that Improbable’s CEO has previously discussed his passion for the virtual world and desire for “the industry to believe in online games again.”

Source: Press release, official site. We’ve updated this article since release to make clear that this is not the same as the CryEngine project – that’s still happening, but they are different games.
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