World of Warcraft posts a survival guide for patch 8.1.5 incoming on March 12

Bart, stop creating a diversion!

Do you feel sufficiently prepared for the arrival of patch 8.1.5. in World of Warcraft? Complete with new allied races, new profession-based questlines, and the new Crucible of Storms raid? If not, then you may wish to peruse the game’s new survival guide for the patch, available in both video form just below or in the shape of a text overview. There’s a lot going on, even in what’s billed as more of an interstitial update.

If, however, you’re less worried about the next patch and more about the overarching health of the company behind the game that’s patch… well, we’re afraid we don’t precisely have good news, as it turns out that a quarter of Activision Blizzard’s savage layoff sweep hit Blizzard specifically. It mostly hit the game’s IT and marketing departments, as stated previously, but it’s still a substantial loss for the studio in terms of talent and ability. Our sympathy goes out to all those affected by the layoffs, even several weeks out.


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Danny Smith

Heres the actual survival guide with the advice you need at this point to really enjoy yourself:


My guide to surviving this travesty of an expansion was to unsubscribe.

Bruno Brito

The survival guide for 9.0 will just be a letter saying “Don’t.”


I’ve got this vision of there being a last assignment for the marketing team to make a survival guide for losing your job.