Final Fantasy XI brings Ambuscade weapons to their final form with today’s update

This may potentially be my final form.

Thanks to ages of shonen anime, “this isn’t even my final form” no longer sounds remotely intimidating but mostly just brings to mind accidental self-parody. It’s also entirely inaccurate for your Ambuscade weaponry in the newest Final Fantasy XI patch. Acquire a few new items to reforge the weapon one last time, and then these weapons will indeed be in their final forms. You’ll be facing off against new foes, of course, but you already knew that.

The patch also contains a variety of new parts for Puppetmaster Automatons as well as lowering the elemental charge capacity on several others and reworking the functionality of Heat Capacitor and Heatsink parts. That’s not quite up to reforging your entire Automaton, but you have other things to reforge, so the net result will be Puppetmasters feeling as if both their Automatons and their weapons have reached a more finalized form. Upgrade everything!

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Jaymes Buckman

Self-parody is a large part of what I love about anime. And rock-and-roll.