Neverwinter’s Undermountain makes better healers of Warlocks and better shield-tanks of Fighters

You should be weaker.

When Neverwinter’s Undermountain expansion this spring, it’s bringing with it a slate of big class changes to go along with the new content. Perfect World has already teased dev diaries for the Cleric and Paladin changes; today, we’re getting a look at the Fighter and Warlock.

“With the release of Undermountain changes to healing and threat management will reinforce the importance of tanks and provide a new and improved tanking experience,” PWE says, and that’s of specific importance to folks running Fighters. The class will see a big revamp to blocking and shields, starting and ending with the way shields make use of stamina.

“It’s hard to overstate how much of a dramatic change this is, and how different it will be to use block after Undermountain arrives. Not only will block provide a more noticeable effect, enemy damage has been rebalanced around the change and you can now more freely lower your guard to use your powers, without worrying about instantly taking lethal damage.”

Fighters will also see a revamped Vanguard paragon path and more focus on damage and less about taunting when it comes to threat generation.

Warlocks, meanwhile, will benefit from gamewide healing changes, as the Soulweaver paragon path will lock in the unofficial role this class has as a healer in the live game, allowing players to make use of the Soul Essence pool to manage both heals and self-drains. Those favoring DPS, however, will still find solace in the Hellbringer path and its Soul Puppets. That’s a real thing, people.

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I dont think I ever heard of a Warlock healer on any game, single player or mmo, lol.

Also it isnt too Dungeon & Dragons

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Legend Of Vinny T

With apologies to Randall Munroe…


To be fair, least in 5e, you can have a Warlock go down the Celestial patron path (essentially serving something like an angel or unicorn), and they gain access to some healing utility. I can’t speak of 4th Edition D&D since I never bothered with it, but it is possible they gave warlocks there some extras in that regard… Especially since Neverwinter was largely based off that version of the game. And 4e D&D was, far as I’ve heard and seen, was largely seen as something else that ‘isn’t too Dungeon & Dragons’.

Be interesting to see if these changes actually makes group content in the game somewhat… regular. I got tired of running constantly into groups where it was nothing but fighters, or two mages, a two-handed fighter, and maybe someone who wants to heal on occasion…

Bruno Brito

I don’t have a issue with Warlocks being healers, i love when games do what WoW didn’t and actually go off the beaten path. Pure DPS classes are boring.

What i have a issue with is that NW is a mess. None of these changes will be good enough for the game when the game itself is a mess.


1. It makes no sense to have a Warlock having healing capabilities.
2. They are going down ESO’s route by allowing each class to be able to accomplish each role.

And this is what kills the individuality and uniqueness of classes and why people lose interest in new MMOs and go to play old ones.