Grab a Conquer Online Thunderstriker Novice Pack in honor of the Fated Heroes expansion launch


Live in Netdragon’s Conquer Online today is the Fated Heroes expansion, which adds a brand-new class, a new server, and much more to the game.

“The expansion adds a new mythical treasure called Anima. With this embedded into equipment, players will be able to unlock new powers and improve their Battle Power. Anima can also be exchanged for Silver, and even physical rewards. Meanwhile, a brand new Class called Thunderstriker will surprise both newcomers and returning players with the most fearsome attacks. Thunderstriker opens up a ton of beneficial events and calls old friends back to get amazing gift packs. Players can also adopt a Tailed Beast for bonus attributes, getting the most loyal follower to fight alongside them.”

In celebration of the launch, Netdragon has granted Massively OP keys for a gift bundle for new players to distribute to our readers! The Thunderstriker Novice Pack includes 7 EXP Balls(B), 7 EXP Potions(B), a 7-Day Praying Stone(B), 7 Meteor Scroll(B), 7 Stones(+1)(B), a selectable permanent 1% blessed Mount Armor, and a selectable permanent 1% blessed garment. Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab one of these keys!

get your key

734 keys left!

Here’s how to redeem your code:

  • Sign up for free on the game’s event page.
  • Download the game and login to create a new character. Click START TO PLAY CO on the event page to download client.
  • Go back to the event page to submit your character info and your gift code to claim your gift packs!
  • Log in to the game and claim your prizes from your in-game mailbox by clicking on the mailbox button on the top right corner of the game screen.

The event is live from now until April 12th, so make sure you redeem your code before then! The studio also says the keys work only once per IP and only for newly rolled accounts registered during this event.

Standard giveaway notes: If there’s no captcha or Mo button and all it says is “No keys left! Sorry” in big letters, then we’re out of keys. If we get another batch from the studio, we’ll send out a note on social media. Having problems with the captcha not working? Try an alt browser or clear your cache. And finally, hang on to your code! If you lose it after all of our keys are given out, we cannot retrieve it for you.

Good luck and have fun!


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It used to be a good game, played it from late 2003 when it had few server group till on and off till 2011. That was a have-it-all-in-one-game type of game with good amount of PVP as well. At some point the company decided to gradually change it to something different and now resembles more of a p2w pvp-only game. Only the name and the artwork reminds still what it once was.

I also loved the gear system where you could actually level the gear up and therefore your gear could “grow” with you which after became a staple of TQ games.

Nowadays the most playable of their games is maybe eudemons online


I could never get into it. The whole premise of 3D characters on a 2D environment did not sit well with me. It’s like the opposite of Ragnarok Online – 2D characters on a 3D environments. It did not sit well with me either.

I say, either make a fully 3D or a fully 2D game, not that 2D/3D hybrid trash. It looks so ugly.


Depends when you started it but I noticed you hardly like many mmo games. Probably you look for very specific minotity of game you like and liked so I imagine its very hard for you finding something that interests you. That game, in its best times had over 50 crowded servers around 2007 so for its mileage it was a success – now its probably on its tail end of life.

For artwork we all have things that turn us off – I personally dont like manga graphs using kid/early teens aged toons. Example the most recent maplestory 2, scions of fate, some aeria games like eden eternal etc etc. For Conquer Online when it got out (2003) it offered a huge level of customization on more mature(but oriental – chinese) chars. Also despite so old it actually offered suits you could wear over armor to change looks etc. Looks also were more tuned towards elegant rather than sexy looking on high levels. I think the level of customization and elegant look attracted a far bigger than average female playerbase too, as opposed to previous games I had played before it. See they pay more attention to looks than we, guys, did. Probably the fact it made them look pretty without making them look naked contributed to it as well.


I know it was very popular, but I could not get into it, so was Ragnarock Online, but the moment I saw it, I knew I could never play it.

Tales of Pirates is a lot like Ragnarok Online with fully 3D graphics and that one I like.

Currently the MMOs that I like are:

– Vanilla WoW
– Aura Kingdom
– Tales of Pirates (Pirate King Online)
– Forsaken World Classic

(I wish I could say Silkroad Onlne, 9Dragons and Age of Wushu, Metin2 but they are so outdated and I really wish a new Chinese themed MMORPG that goes back to basics and not trying to do something “revolutionary” and then fail)

I recently tried to get into Perfect World and that game has aged horrendously.

One game that I miss is ASTA and what’s worse is it doesn’t even have a private server.


I liked Tale of the Pirates too and its a game name you dont hear around often, many people have forgotten about it since IGG sunsetted it as they turned their focus to mobile.(Pirate King Online private server seemed decent though) The problem I see with most games you still like is they dont got official server anymore. I mean best you can hope from that list is either afford LOTRO f2p(or just subscribe) and/or wait the official WoW classic server. By the way if you like manga styled graphs and love having various things to do maybe Mabinogi is good for you.

For Private servers I got a general rule for me. I will only play a private server only if a game was shutdown


Manga/anime style graphics aren’t important for me, but they are nice if I like the gameplay of the game. For example a new game showed up – KurtzPel and while it looks really nice, the gameplay is godawful. I can literally create the perfect character in it, but the gameplay is very unappealing to me.

I held off on Mabinogi all this time, because the gameplay seemed very complicated to me. The way I hear is, it’s one of the most unique MMOs out there. I keep telling myself I should give it a solid go, but I’ve not yet come round to that.

I would play a private server if it offers a previous version of a game, and a time I enjoyed the game more. See, there are tons of WoW private servers, for every version, but if I were to follow your rule, I’d have to be playing the horrible retail even though I like Vanilla, and I hate everything beyond WoTLK. So I don’t see how that will ever work out for me.

Just the same way as BfA WoW is fundamentally different than Vanilla WoW, so is Forsaken World Classic and Forsaken World Retail. The Classic version offered an experience similar to WoW – each race started in its own unique zone and at level 10, they would all meet in the capital city of Freedom Harbour. Leveling to level 40 would take you weeks, and that wasn’t even the level cap, it was 20 levels below the level cap if I recall correctly. But a few expansions later, they made it so Freedom Harbor become invaded by some demons so the peaceful city was now a high level dungeon set aflame. And all characters now started in the same new starting area, which looked really uninspired, like generic Western high fantasy through the eyes of Asians. After you pass level 10 (which previously took like an hour or more and now takes less than 30 minutes), you’re sent into the next hub, which levels you from level 10 to level 40+ and I actually tried to finish that zone to see where it would take me… I must tell you, it took me like an hour and 30 minutes to reach level 40+, back in 2011 when the game was brand new, I was only level 39 about 3-4 weeks after I started…

The game has been straight up butchered. I don’t see any merit playing on the official server if I don’t find that experience enjoyable…

And this actually got me thinking – many games that were good at launch have been butchered with later patches and expansions to the point where it leads players to actively seek out private servers for a “Classic” version.


When they make the games easier they tend to call it it “streamlining”, lol


Of course they will use some appealing word, rather than a truthful word like “dumbing it down”.


I had fun with Conquer Online back around that time too (2004ish). It was a small game, but pretty fun for what it was. Back then the eastern styled graphics of Conquer Online were fresh and exotic (and thankfully not Manga), but nowadays I can’t really stumac much of the eastern style, except for the more natural Chinese stuff with that special aesthetic atmosphere.