EverQuest’s 20th anniversary invites players to preserve the past with some Gnomish help

Past is just practice.

It might seem a little bit on the nose for the EverQuest 20th anniversary celebration to literally include a new zone that’s all about preserving the past, but that’s where we are. Players are gaining access to the new Gnome Memorial Mountain on March 16th, a gigantic monument to the past that has loads of content for players at level 95 or above. It’s part of the game’s far-reaching anniversary event as the domed habitat breaches the surface of the sea and players are invited to take a metaphorical trip into preserving familiar elements.

The new zone includes 11 new quests, two new heroic adventures, and one new mission for players to undertake. Three new raids are also on display, including fighting back against a clockwork dragon and repelling an aerial invasion. Of course, this arrives on the same day that the game’s new progression servers open up, so it’s possible that you may find your attention split if you want to do everything the game has to offer.

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