Indie space-mining MMO Exocraft has launched today


If you’re a fan of building spaceships and mining space rocks but aren’t so much of a fan of the spreadsheets and subterfuge that comes with certain other titles in the ship-building, space-mining genre, then perhaps you might be interested in indie dev GoldFire Studios’s free-to-play title Exocraft, which just hit Steam earlier today.

The game puts players in charge of constructing and commanding their own fleets of space-mining ships, which can be created with “nearly limitless combinations of ship parts, paints and other customizations” before they’re sent out to scour the galaxy for valuable resources while doing battle with ancient alien guardians.

The game boasts a dynamic, persistent world that grows or shrinks to accommodate the number of players currently online, meaning that players are always together on the same single server. Of course, that also means they’ll be competing for the same pool of resources. Players can choose to compete for superiority or cooperate to form squads and establish their own space-mining conglomerates. You can check out Exocraft for free on Steam right now, or you can scroll on down to get a look at the top-down space-mining action in the game’s official trailer.

Source: Steam, Press Release

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Looks sort of like Star Sonata, but I think I like Star Sonata more

IronSalamander8 .

Hmmm. Looks interesting. Reminds me of Reassembly a bit and Reassembly is awesome.


I tried giving it a try, but there are FPS issues with the game now.

From what I gathered, this is a game where you start with a simple ship and you get to build it to become bigger, more powerful and stuff…

The 8-year old me who used to play with LEGO and was building space ships would’ve been so excited right now. xD


Exocraft looks kinda similar to Astroflux. The mosquito simulator of mmo’s


btw there is another decent F2P space game available through Steam – Hades’ Star. It has more economy and building though.