RuneScape is yanking the Bounty Hunter system, consolidating shape-changing, and more

Everyone likes hunting, everyone likes bounties! Why didn't this work?

Sometimes the best way to improve content in an MMO is to throw it away, remove it from the game, and then pretend it never existed and hope that everyone is on board for that. That’s the plan for RuneScape’s Bounty Hunter system, which is being roundly scrapped as a feature almost no one liked. Fortunately for players who did like the rewards, you needn’t worry about losing those; all of the rewards will be available for other means, with the lone exception of items removed for system-specific features no longer relevant.

The designers are also moving transmogrification abilities to a dedicated interface, thus allowing you to have an easy way to shift shapes without fear of taking up your valuable inventory slots. There are also plans to rework the completionist cape, but that one’s going to require some player feedback; the early plans for the rework are available now, but player feedback is considered crucial as this rework is always going to be somewhat controversial. It’s up to you if it passes muster.