Astellia shows off its character creation options


The art of character creation in any MMORPG is often a game in and of itself, depending on how many options one is granted. In the case of Astellia, a lack of options certainly doesn’t appear to be the case.

The game’s official channels have kicked out some new footage of the character creator in action, featuring the Warrior class as the subject of the makeover. The video features a variety of preset options, but there are all sorts of sliders one can muck about with as well — important things like ear length and lip gloss intensity. Regrettably, there’s no posterior slider like in ESO.

For anyone who maybe isn’t following along, Astellia is the latest Korean import which hopes to balance the original tenants of MMO gaming without repeating games that have come before. The publisher, Baruson E&A, has actively made statements against pay-to-win practices and Western-released game tactics before, and even granted us a detailed look at its skill systems.

You can get a high-speed minute-long look at Astellia’s character creator in the video below.

source: YouTube

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Galaxy Brain: “You can’t headshot me when you can’t target my tiny dome.”


This is nice but Hunky McDreamyeyes’ head is just a tad bit too small for his body.

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First thought: “check out the pinhead”.

No matter how pretty his hair might be it ain’t gunna take away from that tiny head. Tell the parents to stop kissing at family picnics.

You win