Black Desert Online’s third anniversary celebrations continue with Glimmering Old Moon event and weekly update

Oh, great, neat.

March is the third anniversary for Black Desert Online, and it’s celebrating through a number of events. To be fair, a lot of events is kind of de rigeur for the game, but those events aren’t the Glimmering Old Moon event and thus don’t allow access to TRI Accessories. So that’s a strong element in favor of this particular sequence of events. Players can also take part in the Cron Collector event for Cron boxes (which makes it hard to feel like Cron is a real word when you type it repeatedly, a problem not helped by the fact that it’s not a real word).

Of course, this all comes as part of the game’s larger patch launch, which also includes new Black Spirit’s Rage effects on a number of different skills for each class. Charge up the aforementioned rage, then unleash it for skill-dependent effects to deal greater damage, increase area of effect, or otherwise alter the operation. Check through the full patch notes to see how this skill expansion effects your classes of choice.

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Don’t usually partake in discussions, but I felt obligated to comment on this, because its a HUGE boost to the gear of new or returning players. BDO is actively criticized for its p2w and rng gearing system, this event alone is giving what some players have probably spent hundreds if not thousands of hours progressing towards. If you have played bdo in the past, or have a passing interest, this would be the time to start, it will alleviate the most frustrating part of the gearing process for a significant amount of playtime. Not that this game doesn’t have its problems, but who knows, increased play rates and data and from charitable events like this could maybe lead the game down a less p2w and rng path.


Its very difficult to get the TRI accessory from event… very few will get it. Its not good for new or returning players, but for the lucky ones :P

Toy Clown

I’m excited about the accessories event. That’s what’s held me back from acquiring more AP for at least the last year and I’ve been unable to finish Drieghan content due to it. It’s the reason I have stopped playing except to collect returning player rewards and doing whatever content popped up in that time frame.

While I realize it’s just a “chance” at getting TRI accessories, at least DUO is guaranteed by the end of the event. What I can’t use I’ll toss to my alt character who’ll be sitting in good AP shape after this as well.

It’s a really good time for new and returning players to play BDO right now.


The TRI accessory event right during one of the biggest market downturns in BDO’s history. That’s a big yikes for people who invested in the market but a huge boon to the rest of us who are looking for AP upgrades. Between Dark Rifts, Shakatu Boxes, market hoarders and price changes, and event rewards there’s never been an easier time to get gear upgrades.

The big note this week is the removal of the silver cap you can carry. Instead of only being able to carry 100m you can now carry all the billions of money. This puts crate trading back to a niche lifeskill rather than just a fully dead one.


I turned my 5000 Calpheon crates 2 days before the patch… I was trading 420 crates each time because of the limit in silver… you cant imagine my face when read the patch note…