Crowfall buffs Hunger shard hunting by improving rewards and skills

Oh. Hunger beasties. Cool.

The most recent patch to Crowfall quietly tweaked a rather important aspect of the game’s spawning Hunger crystals, and it’s a small change but a significant one. As always, these crystals spawn throughout the game world at midnight (game time) and freeze resources, mutate creatures, and generally serve as hazards. They also serve as a source of resources, which is a good thing; unfortunately, the previous rewards for shattering and harvesting these crystals didn’t justify the effort. And fixing that was as simple as adding in some dedicated skills to the harvesting of Hunger crystals.

The net result is allowing for higher-quality crystals for use in crafting as well as greater rewards for players who take the time to break down these ominous markers. Of course, these things are hard to harvest, and they also feature the added rider of leeching life from the area around them, meaning that your food meter will decrease faster than normal as you try to harvest. Hey, no one ever said that forging life-leeching crystals into weapons and armor would be easy.

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Waiting on those magic words…. Final character wipe!

Launch already, will ya!!