Dauntless patch introduces us to a new frosty behemoth and revamps hammer combat


If you have been following Dauntless as you should have, then you would know that a new behemoth was on the horizon, but that’s not everything for patch 0.6.9. Phoenix Labs also introduced Hunter Pass: Overgrowth. As a part of the UI overhaul, Phoenix launched a new loadout screen. And the update many players are excited for: Hammer changes as a part of the ongoing combat revamp.

The Boreus behemoth was teased last week with an image of a crystalline creature in the frozen tundra. The image was cloudy, but we can see that it had bat-like wings and three minions hovering around its massive form. In the most recent image on Twitter, we see that the Boreus is also covered in purplish fur and cracks the ground as it runs.

We have also seen pictures of the Overgrowth Hunt Pass, but very few words. The Season 3 blog described it as “vines clamber up pillars, leaves unfurl like banners, and a vegetal perfume hangs in the air. But is this sudden bloom a natural one? Or is there something aetheric at work?” Needless to say, it’s not that easy being green.

Lastly — and for hammer-wielders, most importantly — we have a new combo finisher. Concussive Aether Blast has been revamped into what is being described as a “new and monstrous” Aetherslam. The patch notes give us some detail of how it works: “Aetherslam is a powerful overhead strike that deals damage directly to the target and expends the entire hammer clip to create a wave of explosions that deal additional damage.” But as the patch notes also point out, the best thing to do is to try it out. There is no time like the present because it all went live today!

Source: Twitter and patch notes
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