Xbox One hopeful Bless Unleashed reveals its next class: The Berserker


Bandai Namco has released another trailer for yet another class launching with Bless Unleashed when it hits Xbox One later this year: This one’s for the Berserker.

“The Berserker is built for close combat as they unleash powerful attacks to defeat multiple enemies at once and can stand toe-to-toe with the mightiest of beasts,” the publisher says. “Berserkers are equipped with a two-handed axe to devastate and disrupt their enemies.”

Bandai Namco – along with original developer Neowiz, which is once again not mentioned in today’s press blast – announced Bless Unleashed last year as a purely console title. Neowiz told us there’s a totally different team working on this game, not the Bless Online team for PC, and that it’s a “whole new game, built from the ground up in Unreal 4 with a focus on consoles” with “new story, new combat, new content” and so forth. That nevertheless angered Bless Online players who nevertheless believed their early access dollars into the struggling PC game were effectively funding another title and playerbase altogether.

Source: Press release

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Meanwhile back at the ranch, I don’t believe the Mystic class ever actually released for the PC version of Bless.