Black Desert’s Mediah update comes to Xbox One


Even though it’s been only ten days since Black Desert’s Xbox One launch, Pearl Abyss has already released its first major update, bringing the Mediah content expansion to the console version of the game.

The update includes all of the features included in the PC version of Mediah, of course, including an increased level cap, a number of new zones to explore, an array of new questlines, the Red Battlefield PvP arena, and more. On top of all that, though, the Xbox One version of Black Desert has also received “a console-exclusive storyline.”

Pearl Abyss seems to be fairly pleased with the success of Black Desert’s Xbox One port so far. Demand for the game has apparently been so significant as to require the studio to more than double the number of available servers, and the game has played host to numerous GM events to celebrate the game’s launch, which Pearl Abyss says have been met with “positive feedback from players.”

The Mediah update is just the beginning of the Xbox One version’s ambitious content-release schedule, which aims to have Valencia and Kamasylvia live within the next four months and should go a long way toward bringing it to content parity with its PC counterpart.

Source: Press Release

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Carlo Lacsina
Carlo Lacsina

So happy to see players on Xbox get the chance to play this game! I love the game and hopefully we get more into the fold! :)

Hikari Kenzaki

Mediah had so many QoL improvements, they couldn’t really keep it out for long. And most console ports try to catch up quickly because that’s all you read on their message boards until they do. “Expansion/Class/Weapon When?”

The console-exclusive storyline isn’t surprising. They knew after 2 (now 3) years, the launch story just didn’t ‘work’ in the West. The XBox version is produced directly by Pearl Abyss and they were developing their version of the mission arcs the same time Kakao Games was revamping the PC story so they couldn’t draw from that.