EVE Online gets ready for a galaxy-wide capital ship nerf

Money talks, but what it says isn't engaging sometimes.

Don’t let words like “balance” and “improvements” blind you from the real truth here: EVE Online’s capital ships are about to be hit by a sweeping nerf to end their overpowered status.

CCP wrote up a lengthy dev blog (with graphs! so many graphs!) in which the studio admitted that it was a little too overzealous in making capital ships more viable a while back. “Since the major rework in Citadel, which was meant to put power back in the hands of capital pilots, it’s become clear that we over-shot our goals in several areas,” the studio said. “Capital have become an all-in-one answer to most of EVE’s obstacles.”

Thus, a spring balance update is coming, and with it some significant adjustments to capital ships to make sub-capitals more effective in wars. Force auxiliaries and tank scaling are being targeted for these nerfs, as well as high angle weapons and carrier fighters. Capital ships are going to see lesser insurance payouts upon loss as well.

For those flying sub-capitals, they’ll be pleased to see a range of buffs to “give new life to laser platforms.” CCP said that past this update, it will come out with new ship and module content in May, followed by implant sets in July.

Source: EVE Online

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Because…who doesn’t enjoy a good nerfing?

Well, pretty much everyone hates them so expect an uproar especially as CCP doesn’t see fit to compensate (i.e. refund skill training points) players who are impacted by the changes


IMO I think they just bumped their head on the ceiling of gear inflation that affects every other MMO, eventually.

As much as EVE is the game I love to read about, IMO they’re so far past ready for EVE2 where (my personal list)…:

a) crews exist/matter?
b) the planets and backdrop are more than just planets and backdrop more or less meaningless to … well, everything. The idea that there’s this massive thriving galactic economy…yet no actual intersystem commerce except the guns and crap lugged here and there by a few sociopathic capsuleers? Seriously?
c) ship handling that is more “Homeworld”-like than “Jutland”-like :|
d) game systems and UI that are more 2019 than 1995
e) the universe is less fixed, planets orbit?
f) it decides that it’s REALLY a sandbox and actually builds systems to support that paradigm, to wit: IF there really were these vast piratical NGOs the idea that they can just put on their Sunday best and stroll into the local town without official repercussions is asinine. They somehow have 800 billion credits stashed….somewhere ….beyond the reach of law enforcement yet still is negotiable currency for civil transactions yet simultaneously secure, immune to hacking, and of stable value? Sure. Right now, it’s just a gankbox that claims its a sandbox, yet lets the worst of them evade the ACTUAL sorts of consequences for the behavior they enjoy behind mechanics.