New Blizzard trademark filing rekindles speculation about Diablo TV series


You may remember that last year, there was a brief but passionate firestorm of speculation that Blizzard was gearing up to produce a TV series based on its ever-popular (albeit recently somewhat maligned) Diablo franchise. The rumors were initially sparked by a tweet from comic and screenplay writer Andrew Cosby, who stated that he was in talks to be the showrunner for just such a series, though he deleted the tweet soon thereafter, and no official statement was ever given on the matter.

Now, however, it’s looking like those rumors might have had some validity to them after all: As noticed by Blizzard Watch, a new trademark filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office reveals that Blizzard has filed for a trademark on the Diablo name for “downloadable films and movies featuring narratives based on a video game and provided via a video-on-demand service.”

Now, as suggestive as this seems, it’s worth taking the filing with a heaping scoop of salt. As Blizzard Watch points out, it doesn’t necessarily mean a Diablo series is actively in the works; it could just be a case of Blizzard taking preemptive action in case they decide they want to do something with it later down the line. That being said, Blizzard could definitely do with an exciting announcement to wash the lingering taste of Diablo Immortal out of everyone’s mouth. Whether that will actually happen, however, we’ll just have to wait and see.


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I remember hearing something about Netflix doing the Diablo Cartoon Series.
Hope it’s true because Netflix did a great job with Castlevania.

Aluminum Man

Thematically, every episode should just be Cain sitting somewhere in town telling you a story:

“Stay awhile and listen…”

Melissa McDonald

Any Diablo show needs Manu Bennett in it. “would that all men were thus formed” (long remembered line from “Spartacus: Blood & Sand” as they gazed on Manu’s physique)

Jeremy Barnes

So..a TV Show about a game that isn’t massively multiplayer..


I wonder if the TV series will in fact be a Chinese-made Android game as a recording on TV. I am not interested in that.

I prefer Richard A. Knaak’s Diablo books, especially Legacy of Blood is my favorite, read it twice or thrice.

Dug From The Earth

Yeah… hours of fun watching a phone on a tv screen.

Kevin Smith

My fear is that if they did make one they would try and make it kid friendly instead of the gruesome stuff it should be.

Bruno Brito

Oh, a new project to suffer layoffs.

Hikari Kenzaki

Calling it now: A streaming video series that can only be accessed via BattleNet. Or better yet, within Diablo Immortal.


Instead make Diablo 4