War Thunder turns on radar systems in the Locked On update


In my extremely dumb headcanon, I imagine the operators of the various vehicles in War Thunder have all simultaneously found the “on” button for their radar systems. That’s the explanation I’m going with for the addition of radar to the appropriately named Locked On update, which is also bringing (surprise!) new vehicles along for the ride.

Yes, radar is now a thing in War Thunder, with a total of 16 tanks, aircraft, and helicopters as well as several anti-aircraft vehicles now equipped with the technology to help operators take down their chosen targets or sight those pesky AA installations, depending on what vehicle you’re using.

New vehicles included in the Locked On update include several French helicopters, the first Rank VII tanks like the American M1A1 Abrams and British Challenger 2, the Japanese Mitsubishi T-2 fighter jet, and the Soviet 256 Tunguska surface-to-air missile vehicle. Finally, a new combined arms map that takes place in Alaska is being added, which features wide city streets and dense forests to fight in.

All of the information about what’s in this patch can be read in the changelog, while footage of vehicles doing zoomies and boomies (totally military terms) is below.

source: press release

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