World of Warcraft hotfixes Allied Race issues along with various balance tweaks

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The newest Allied Races in World of Warcraft had some issues. Not game-breaking ones, perhaps, but being unable to complete any quests up in Northshire Abbey as a Kul Tiran Druid or Shaman is a real issue. So was being unable to progress the recruitment scenarios for players who were unlocking Mag’hari and Zandalari at the same time. And the lack of diminishing returns on Kul Tiran Haymakers was an actual balance issue. All of those things have been fixed up with the game’s latest hotfix patch.

The patch also addresses several balance changes that were supposed to be in the main patch but somehow slipped out, like a buff to Marksmanship Hunters and adjustments to certain Azerite trait values. Add in a small slew of fixes for quest bugs and players will hopefully notice an improvement in the overall experience. Unless you were just enjoying extra stun time from Haymakers; then you might be cranky.

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Adam tecnavia

So they had an extra 5-6 months to prepare them since these were supposed to be features from the expac, and they still have glaring problems?