Albion Online answers questions about randomized dungeons from players


The developers at Albion Online are hyped about the game’s new randomized dungeons. That makes perfect sense. But they also recognize that players have questions, and thus they’re taking the time to answer those questions in the second video about the new system. And to their credit, a lot of the answers seem almost so elegant that it’s head-smackingly obvious in a good way. How will PvP work in the dungeons? The same way it works in the zones that originate the dungeons, so safe zones will have safe randomized dungeons and so forth.

Using a map to find dungeon entrances also requires you to be near the appropriate zone; you don’t need to be quite inside a Tier 6 zone to use a Tier 6 map, but you need to be close. Furthermore, maps don’t inherently change your ability to find dungeons, they just allow you to spawn one on your command with a higher chance of being an enchanted dungeon (with higher rewards). You can check out all of the questions and answers in the video just below if you’d like to know more of the fine details about the feature before it launches with the game’s Oberon patch.

Source: YouTube