CryoFall straddles massively multiplayer with a scifi survival experience


Question: How many players on a server does it take to graduate a game from “multiplayer” to “massively multiplayer?” And should there be an in-between designation? CryoFall might be creating its own category when it comes out in early access on April 11th, seeing as how the game will boast 200-player shards.

Looking very much like a blend of Stardew Valley, Rimworld, and the ever-pervasive survival crafting genre, CryoFall tasks a couple hundred players to work together on a hostile alien planet and form a new civilization. Or several of them, as multiple colonies can emerge, alliances created, and conflict avoided or instigated. There’s plenty of crafting, killing, looting, and gathering to be done, of course.

CryoFall has been in development for three years now, including a half-year of public testing. The team anticipates a full year of early access testing prior to launch. You can check out the video below and marvel how the game’s mascot looks eerily similar to Clone Wars’ Obi-Wan Kenobi (Bree told me I had to include this).

Source: PC Gamer, Steam

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vector sprites. gross.


This game is pretty fun right up until you come home from work & everything you’ve done in the last week has been destroyed or stolen.
Also, the most important resource nodes are very few, the experienced players fortify them quickly meaning you’ll never progress past a certain tier because 1 or 2 tribes will own the required resources.