Legends of Aria makes its roadmap public as it preps its experimental test server

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Legends of Aria’s new community lead has a new letter for the playerbase this week, and while it’s not bristling with critical info, it’s a big step toward transparency, as Citadel Studios has opened up its Trello board to gamers.

“You can see what we worked on previously, as well as what we’re working on in both the short and long term,” she writes. “This is not intended to be an exhaustive view of every single item we’re working on – there will still be surprises.This includes some of the major items we’ve been working on, including a reimagining of the death system, a new look at mounts, and changes to monster AI, coming soon to the Experimental Server. We’re tailoring the Experimental Server sub-forums to allow the community to give direct feedback on relevant features being tested on Experimental.”

The community letter also notes that the studio is hiring, that the testing server is expected “soon,” and that the latest hotfix will have fixes for the minimap, keybinds, and difficulty.

Source: Official site. Cheers, Panagiotis.
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Give me a PvE server and I’ll pump significant time and money into this otherwise fun game.

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