Old School RuneScape improves its quest panel while providing plenty of sand storage


Do you need help storing sand in old school RuneScape? Good news, then, as the game’s latest patch adds in a new Sandstone grinder that will store so many noted buckets of sand. It’s sand. We’re assuming you know all of the things you can do with that sand. The update also brings along improvements to the cleaning process in the Varrock Museum, new Mystic Robe sets available at the Grand Exchange, and other quality of life improvements.

Players will also benefit from a new quest panel that separates out quests, minigames, reputations, and achievements in a more readable panel format. There’s even room to add future tabs as necessary, although most of the suggestions the designers have heard thus far are additions better suited for different parts of the user interface. It’s not a whole lot of extra content, but it’s one of those nice patches that makes all of the existing content more fun to do. Unless, of course, you count grinding sandstone as content; then you can just go ham.