Part two of Warframe’s Buried Debts operation is live as community grumbles over events

Part two of Warframe’s Buried Debts events is live this week, following up on last week’s operation launch. The best bit is that among the rewards are the chassis blueprint for Hildryn, the ‘frame that went live last week.

“Deck 12 is unlocked – if you know where to look. Work with Solaris United to take down The Exploiter while Operation: Buried Debts is still active. Every Diluted Thermia resource will allow you an encounter with The Exploiter, so harvest, stockpile and share them! You’ll only be able to take part in this event for a limited time, so be sure to take on The Exploiter or you’ll have to wait until Thermia Fractures re-appear in the Orb Vallis.”

You’ll recall that last week’s story point included puzzle content intended to be solved by Reddit, leading the community to criticize how Digital Extremes handled it (since the start is literally being posted by devs on Reddit and not anywhere in-game, which actually led to insufficient progress on the last event).

The next Nightwave episode is live as well:

As is a near-freebie color picker.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Sophiskiai!
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