Population Zero releases world design video ahead of weekend alpha and next week’s update


Ahead of this weekend’s alpha play test, the Population Zero developers have posted up a video ostensibly about world design. You’ll need to flip on English subtitles since this is a Moscow-based developer and the video’s in Russian accordingly, but the gist is the studio artfully outlining how it’s fleshing out its map design based on the player’s motivations, roadblocks, and likely pathing. “Basically everything you see in the game is built by hand by our team,” one designer says. There isn’t too much new about the game itself, but it’s a well-produced peek inside the office and the folks who work there.

Next week’s patch, meanwhile, is expected to roll out the new jungle biome, new tech and perks, English and Russian localization, and tutorial quests for multiple systems, including building and combat. “In-game creatures will receive significant changes” as well, Enplex says. “They now interact, fight, hunt and form packs or herds. Players can distract the chasing predator with other valuable prey. Alien creatures are now able to call for help or draw attention.”

Source: Official site, press release
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Robert Mann

Life forms? But the population is zero… now I’m confused. Is or is not the population zero? If it is not, why are they lying to us? WHAT IS THIS CONSPIRACY!?!?!?



They are not real, they are simulated, everything is a holo simulation. Welcome to the Matrix – Population Zero Edition :p